Our temporary industrial buildings can be used for almost any application, including:

  • storage
  • manufacturing
  • packaging
  • labelling
  • scan tunnels
  • loading and unloading of vehicles

Our solutions satisfy a range of sectors, the most popular product we provide are Industrial Canopies. But, Lauralu is not limited to logistics and offer a range of workshops, warehouses and bespoke buildings to contain industrial processes. 

The Lauralu industrial product range uses a modular approach so it is incredibly flexible and always fit for purpose. This approach means that we can put together bespoke projects quickly that satisfy all of your employees and clients. The buildings give you control over:

  • heating/cooling
  • lighting
  • health & safety requirements
  • facility size and layout

You will be able to ensure a comfortable working environment. If you require enhanced additions such as racking or mezzanine decks then we can provide a timely industrial building solution to meet those requirements. No two buildings are the same and Lauralu prides themselves on hitting the brief precisely. What you get from temporary buildings is more flexibility, a budget that will suit your needs, a deadline that isn’t months away and a very quick turnaround once that date is decided.

We are a Gold Accredited Construction line member and also a Registered Safe Contractor. Our Industrial buildings have been built UK wide so we have extensive connections to contractors to ensure efficiency. We also have a lot of experience in different sectors so we have a head start in most projects when meeting your needs and making the right, informed suggestions.

We work with you to build something you can rely on. Give us a call if you would like to find out how we can help.